• Jesse

    I recommend Lynn Johnson to anyone who needs a determined, unconditional and understanding attorney. Lynn Johnson will go the extra mile to do everything that is possible to achieve a positive outcome to your case. She has a very broad knowledge of the law and will explore and execute any possible solutions that can be applied to your case. Lynn fought my cases for three years and accomplished a dismissal on both of my cases. I could not have chosen a better attorney.

  • SW

    Recently, Attorney Q. Lynn Johnson successfully represented my son in a criminal case. I was confused, afraid and did not have enough money to pay for the legal expenses upfront. Although I called several attorneys before I found Lynn, I chose her because somehow I knew she would represent my son well and she did! She was very concerned about getting the best outcome for my son, and the lasting affect it would have on his life. She demonstrated exceptional capability; used a practical approach that helped me trust her decisions and that she was working for my son. She worked with me financially by allowing me to handle the fee through a payment plan. I am completely satisfied with the outcome of the case and my opinion of Lynn Johnson as an attorney is that she is professional, ethical, knowledgeable, practical, gets the job done and cares about getting the best outcome for our legal situation.

  • SN

    Q. Lynn and her staff were great to work with. From the time that we called, she was very prompt and active in our case, and resourceful in utilizing the right people with the expertise to assist in the case and investigation. Q. Lynn and her team were extremely helpful in guiding us through the legal and emotional process. Their teams hard work and legal expertise lead to a favorable outcome to the case. We would highly recommend Q. Lynn Johnson to anyone needing a strong, caring and professional attorney.

  • TB

    Lynn has been quite valuable on a number of matters including Estate Planning, Family Planning, Non-profit and Incorporation matters. She has the ability to understand and execute in many specialties and I highly recommend her. As a customer I would highly recommend Lynn.

  • Shane

    I was on vacation and travelling through Dallas and my travelling companion was arrested for a second degree felony. Being Australian, I knew no one in Dallas and was uncertain about the legal process so I contacted Attorney Johnson. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made for both me and my friend. I recommend Attorney Johnson for the following reasons: Attorney Johnson guided me through the legal process with compassion and authority. She demystified a confusing and intimidating system which gave me confidence in the decisions we made. She set a short term plan of action with specific goals and actions which were designed to ensure my friend was bailed. She immediately detailed a strategy to ensure we had everything we needed if the case proceeded to trial. Attorney Johnson was responsive, contactable and always kept me informed about how the case was proceeding. Attorney Johnson provided a comprehensive end to end service. She works with and recommends other trusted professionals but takes ownership of managing all aspects of the case. Overall, Attorney Johnson exceeded my expectations at every level. If she said she would call me back, she always did. If she said something was going to happen in my friend's case - it happened. If she was unsure - she said as much and talked me through the why, what and how. I cannot recommend Attorney Johnson highly enough.